I See You


@The Real James R. Yarbrough2

No Cover Up No Makeup

You can know there is something wrong with someone else and not know there is something wrong with you. It is how you think. Never hide so well that you hide from yourself. How can this be, you may ask. It is a means of deflecting from what is to you a source of hurt and pain or feelings about yourself you rather not think about, and if you could, though, you cannot, have it erased from your memory. And yes, I am talking to and about you.

One of the things you will not do with much success, and that is to hide your feelings from others, for how you feel is how you will act. Cover up, makeup or getup will not keep you up. At some minute or second of the day, you will come down, and you can never know by what means that down will be. I see you. It is far better to hide in open sight if you feel you must hide at all. That way, there will be no fear of the real you coming out, for you will always be there for you to see what others have already seen. There is not, but one 100%, and that is when you are you.

Self-control will not let you hide; it is not the answer for you cannot, for long, control what is your core, your soul: You. It is not a natural state and, therefore, will let you down just when you are on the up. There is no exception.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think