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March 30, 2014


Long Enough to Think

by James R. Yarbrough

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  1. Apr 20 2014

    Awesome quote. Your work is amazing! I look forward to reading more of your quotes and thoughts! Thank you so much for the follow and have a wonderful day!


    • Apr 20 2014

      Thank you for dropping in and I am so happy that you decided to stay. And I am moved in a special way by your compliments. I do not take them lightly, they mean a lot to me. I can tell by your writing that we have much in common, including the focus of some of our thoughts.


      • Kimberly Ann Hawes
        Apr 20 2014

        Yes I agree we do have similar focus…and you’re so welcome! You’ve made a very interesting page full of information which will keep bringing me back. Thank You!


      • Apr 21 2014

        Please drop by anytime, it will be my pleasure to see you. You will always be welcome. And I will make sure to visit you, as well. I just love the “edge” that you have; it comes through loud and clear, to me.


      • Kimberly Ann Hawes
        Apr 21 2014

        AWWWWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I feel so honored!


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