The Answer to Your Prayer

Please take this as intended. I believe in prayer, as a matter of fact I prayed two days ago. I was in a situation and just could not figure out a way forward until I prayed, and yes, it did work. I mean within minutes! So the reason way I had to reblog this post.

It Is How You Think

This I Pray

A belief in a force greater than ourselves is not going to save us from hurt, pain or lost. It will not meet our basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. That can only be done by you and me. Prayer is to help us through, it is a bridge over troubled waters not to be worn out by too frequent use. Though I will say, when you give thanks by praying it cannot be given often enough, no matter how much you pray.

Prayer for far too many is for the reason that no one will step up and say. It is for those who have not learned how to find the answer on their own. And as it is with life, most of these prayers will go unheard. That is the way it is when we do not use what God has given us and…

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