Time for Change—There Is a Better Way

I thought the time appropriate to think about this again.

It Is How You Think

Now is The Time

You first have to know, and then you have to realize you know. When you know, that you know better, you will do better. Good is what you do until then. It is a goal with no end and you should strive to make your good better. You will now know that you can. Good can and does get better. If you fail, you cheat your Self. When you think in a way that takes from who you are, that is what you are doing. It is the worst kind of way to think.

One of the rules of nature is to do no harm to the Self. If you do, you can never be who you are here to be. Life will not be what you deserve. When you do not use your gifts and talents—we all have them—they do not stay at their best…

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