Online Dating: My Survey and Analysis

The picture speaks for itself; there is not a great deal that I can add. The record and my survey tell it all. When it comes to online dating, Blacks are not the chosen ones. The top pick, so to speak. I am going to tell you this, please take all that I have posted to heart. It is the way that it is. But should you care, yes. It is a good time to pause and consider why this might be. Do not let your thought, now, whatever it is, slip away before having a good think. Because, after all, it is how you think. Keep that in mind, how can you not. One last thing, there is an image problem and I am not talking about how you look. It is how some act more so than anything else. After all, you, I and the rest can only be known by how you act. No one can know  what is on your mind. All of this causes me much anguish. It is not good when you are last to be chosen, if at all. Even by your own kind.

Here You Are Free to Say What You Think

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