James R. Yarbrough This design contest means a great deal to me. It is one the ways that I am expressing my love for all things Otis. When I was an Airman and a much younger man I was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, yes the presidential base. It was during the anti-war protest and the height of the civil rights era that Otis’ music helped quell some of the anger I had swelling inside of me. Vote for my design at: http://creativeallies.com/ Otis is a Virgo and so am I, his name is Otis Ray and mine is James Ray. I feel destiny is the reason I was drawn to Otis. Check out my videos of Otis: itishowyouthink.com

Otis Redding Merchandise Graphic by James R. Yarbrough


Check out this design by James R. Yarbrough for the Otis Redding design contest on Creative Allies!


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