To Be Labeled and Put in Our Place

Who Are You
Who Are You


To Be Labeled and Put in Your Place

Man and woman is now how we are known. We have a name, which is our label. We must use the labels that we know by shapes and words to make sense of our world. As we grow and change, our labels will change. We will not have a thought of what a thing is if it does not have a label. Nor will we know its purpose. No one would know who we are and we would not know him or her. You and I would not even know who or what we are.There are things a society must have in place for us to thrive and grow. Labels are one of these things.  Life would not be the same without them.

Still we have some who say they have no place and do not put a label on them. We are here, thus we do have a place and a label. Yes, if we accept it or not it is so. In many ways, just being a person with a name, which is a label, tells who we are and where we stand. Some labels we can change, others—of course—we cannot.

We all have a place starting in our mother’s womb. It comes with a label that tells who we are. And our place is in the order of our birth, as well. This does not change. There are labels that we have that will change as our roles in life change. When we feel that we do not have a place, we will get less from the place we are in now. We all have a place to belong and a label to tell who we are.

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