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To Use or Exercise the Mind

Watch Out Here I Come

Straight With No Chaser

You Must Answer to Yourself

There Is A Right Time

Disordered Thinking Will Not Tell You The Truth

It is How You Think Do not listen to a disordered mind and let it tell you what to do. It matters not if it is your mind and your way of thinking or that of someone else. If what is said or done… Continue Reading “Disordered Thinking Will Not Tell You The Truth”

What Would Mary Do: Holding the Flesh on High

Changing How You Look Will Not Change Your Mind    I have listed below passages from the bible that talk about the sins of the flesh. And if you are a reader of the bible, you know there are many more, so many it… Continue Reading “What Would Mary Do: Holding the Flesh on High”

Gears of The Mind


 Childhood Memories Do not cover up your childhood pain with the things that you say and do. This is what you do to try to feel better, but it does not work, which I am sure there are daily reminders that this is so.… Continue Reading “CHILDHOOD HURT AND PAIN”

Looking—Natural Behavior—Sex—Natural Act

Here’s Looking at You  No one is immune to the urge to look, no one. Some may turn away when you do it, but they like for it to be done and quite thrilled to do it too. Looking is what we do. And… Continue Reading “Looking—Natural Behavior—Sex—Natural Act”

Brown Hill Shake Rattle and Roll

It Ain’t Nothing But The Blues Mr. Brown, the man behind it all is the father of “Little Jack,” who we all knew. Mr. Little Jack’s wife was my uncle Johnny’s sister. The Brown’s owned all the land on and under the Hill before… Continue Reading “Brown Hill Shake Rattle and Roll”

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