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The Day That Soul Cried

The day that soul cried, a chilly mist hung over Madison, Wisconsin. Fans of Rhythm and Blues anticipated a thrilling visitor that Sunday night. Singer Otis Redding was scheduled for two shows at the Factory. Three days earlier, Otis had finished recording “Dock of the Bay,” a moody song that would later be his only No. 1 hit on the pop charts.

Otis was accompanied by the Bar-Kays, fresh-faced high school graduates from Memphis. Otis (The Big O) had performed the night before in Cleveland. He, the Bar-Kays, his valet and pilot were flying to Madison in his private twin-engine Beechcraft. They were scheduled to perform at 6:30 and 9 p.m. But they never made it. The plane fell three miles short of the runway and crashed at 3:28 p.m. in the near-freezing waters of Lake Monona. The sole survivor, trumpet-player Ben Cauley, was pulled from the water 17 minutes after stunned witnesses along the eastern shore of Squaw Bay telephoned for help.

On November 8, 1987 members of the Otis Redding Memorial Fund, a Madison, Wisconsin nonprofit corporation, culminated their fund-raising drive with the dedication of a memorial to Otis Redding on the shore of Lake Monona. The memorial consists of three semicircle marble benches, custom carved in Portugal with the initials, O.R. incorporated in the legs, Georgia gray granite marker and a bronze plague. The memorial was temporarily moved to storage to make way for the construction of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Monona Terrace Convention Center. A re-dedication ceremony was held August 15, 1997 on the Roof Garden of the Convention Center, where the memorial is now located.

James R. Yarbrough

President and Founding Member

Otis Redding Memorial Group


The Gospel Truth

Black Jesus

Black Jesus and Disciples

Watch the video and see what I think.

Why Let How You Look Cause You Pain

Mirror Mirror On The Wall 1-11-16

Your Achilles Heel

(Everyone has one.)

There is no one who doesn’t have that one thing that causes insecurity about his or her appearance. It has as much to do with what you think others think about you as what you think of yourself. It could be your nose, your hair, breast or just about anything that has been deemed not to be how it should be. When you think this way, you will never be at ease and comfortable with yourself, the real you. You cannot be happy, no matter the circumstance or your status in life, until you resolve the issue you have with what you think you see when you look at you. Reflections do not always tell the truth.

The images you see in the magazines, on TV shows and throughout the media are not the prototype of the human. It is mostly an illusion, a fantasy created to sale an image of perfection. The perfect dazzling white teeth, long flowing hair and a curvaceous body with all of the accompanying accouterments. And as one would expect, those who this bothers the most will try to change things about themselves, even things that cannot or should not be changed. They spend loads of time and money on how they look, how they dress and right down to how they walk and talk.

Time and money surely are important, but not as important as your health. And some of the things are putting the people who do them at risk. It is no wonder when you look at how some are criticized and joked about for this one physical feature that is looked upon as a flaw and not the will of nature and how you were born to be. All the while they are using this ridicule as a defense mechanism to fight off their own insecurities.

The jokes and harsh words can be personal and quite nasty. Those who are adept at it can be creative with their techniques, while others show no mercy. The focus is always on those aspects of your person that are easy to attack. It is just superficial; yes, but it hurts nonetheless. Making these critical remarks with hurtful intent has become acceptable—it is “everywhere.” In casual conversations, in movies that we see, in magazines and even in some of the books that we read: There it is. It is no wonder that anxiety, low self-esteem and insecurity are at an all-time high.

You cannot hide, for long, what is inside about how you think about your outside. So, you think you are different, that there is no one who has your perceived shortcoming, your “defect.” In reality there is no one who doesn’t have a defect of birth of some type, some cover it up and others have procedures to change what many times are just normal abnormalities. Nothing that millions of others all over the world don’t have as well. Try telling that to yourself. For if you see you when you listen to these words, it is time to hear it and learn from it. It is not easy, at first, to accept that which you have lived with as you would an unwelcome guest, but this you can and must do. There are some things you cannot change; you have to change how you think about them.

We have men, women, girls, boys and even young children—more so today than ever—who have become entrapped by the marketing of major businesses and a brain-washed society. The very people who should know better are caught up with the rest in the swirl of the marketing monster. We are now looking for the ideal when it is not to be found for it is always moving and changing. And there is no better way to separate you from your money than creating “false” insecurity and a sense of need. Know what is being sold before you buy. Money will not buy self-esteem. You have to earn it by changing how you see yourself.

If all of the people of the world were in one place, you would see much and much of what you would see would be no different than what you have seen; just “everyday people.” Everyone is beautiful at some place to someone whereas using the so called standard of beauty very few would be. Let me put it this way: There is no perfect person, physically, mentally or otherwise and few who meet the marketing criteria for beauty. On one of your typical days out and about, how many “beautiful” people do you see, few if any who have the looks of the gorgeous magazine models and the assortment of celebrities. It is all a make believe world full of illusion, makeup trickery and manipulation. It is not reality; it is not what you think you see.

We all have physical differences from height, weight, ears, eyes and all of the other variations that come with being a living organism, a creation of nature. Even the appearance of the genitals causes much anxiety and personal and social discomfort. And the public buys into it. There are billions spent annually on Labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, penis enlargement and other body modifications by men, women and even teens.

White Man Getting Out of Bed

First thing in the morning before your feet even touch the floor you are thinking about one thing that is never far from your mind. You have tried to not think about it and that is why you do. If you cannot change it, you have to change how you think about it. You wish to hide it from the mirror but what’s the use, it will still be there when you look. You do not have to be perfect to be perfect in the things that you do.

Nothing is hard to do, you just do not know how to do it yet.


The process

They destroy happiness

Do Not Let Them In

Intruders are those persons who say and do whatever they can whenever they can to disrupt your happiness and wellbeing. They do so without warning. They will say and do whatever they can to cause you to feel hurt and pain. They force hurtful things on you that they know are difficult for you not to think about. Intruders will cause you to have doubts about what you can do who you can be.

When Intruders do it once, they will do it again until they think that they have you subdued, weakened, and thrown off your stride. The only signal they need is you being in their presence, for that in itself shows a vulnerability and poor judgment. You brought it on yourself by how you think. It is classic disordered thinking. It is how you think. 

I See You


@The Real James R. Yarbrough2

No Cover Up No Makeup

You can know there is something wrong with someone else and not know there is something wrong with you. It is how you think. Never hide so well that you hide from yourself. How can this be, you may ask. It is a means of deflecting from what is to you a source of hurt and pain or feelings about yourself you rather not think about, and if you could, though, you cannot, have it erased from your memory. And yes, I am talking to and about you.

One of the things you will not do with much success, and that is to hide your feelings from others, for how you feel is how you will act. Cover up, makeup or getup will not keep you up. At some minute or second of the day, you will come down, and you can never know by what means that down will be. I see you. It is far better to hide in open sight if you feel you must hide at all. That way, there will be no fear of the real you coming out, for you will always be there for you to see what others have already seen. There is not, but one 100%, and that is when you are you.

Self-control will not let you hide; it is not the answer for you cannot, for long, control what is your core, your soul: You. It is not a natural state and, therefore, will let you down just when you are on the up. There is no exception.

Your Time the Only Time You Have

No matter what time it is time does not change. What happens in the space of time does. Time is not changing; you are. It is personal. It starts for each of us when we are created by our parents and is not shared. You cannot lend, nor can you borrow time. And your time is the only time you will have.

More time will not be given when we have no more time. Time, though, is not as important as what you do with your time. When we think of the time that we have, the first thing you should think of is what you are going to do with it. What is just as important is how you feel while you are doing it. To get the most from the time you have been given, you must understand what it is and how to use it wisely. The longer it takes to know what to do, the less time you have to do it. Because for sure, you will not get your time back. Your life moves on even when your mind does not. You can think about the past. You can never be there.

A system of time for each person starts from conception. There is a time to be born, a time to live, and a time to move on to another existence. We do not control time. We do have control of how we live our life. Time does not change; things happen. And no matter how well we live our time, there will be a time when there is no more.

You may ask much of time, but time does not give. The question asked most often is for more time. Time will not answer. It gives not to what you have to say. It stands still, though we do not. We cannot stop it, slow it down or speed it up. Nor can we waste it, but you can misspend it. The thing that you can do with time is live it. When there is no more time, there is no more to live. You do not start it over. Time goes on; our time does not. You should live your time. You cannot get it back once it is gone. Time for all things was here before us and shall be when we are gone. You cannot take a person, place, or thing with you when you go.

You are the master of the time you have for the time you have it. You have been given a lifetime. We decide what to do with our lives, which tells the type of life we will have and the path we will follow, to the end. As clear as this may be, many do not understand this simple truth. They still try—but can never succeed—to live their lives by what they think others think of them. And for many, to their detriment, what they think of themselves. The only thing that you do when you do this is to live your time away. Live it. Your time is the only time you have.

We never know how much time we have left to use the time we have. Time should always be put to its best use. The next step is one more step closer to home. We can never breathe the next breath. The time of man is not precise. When a thing will be, can never be known just as it can never be known when it will not. All that we can do is plan. The future is not ours to know. It can be over just when we think we do.

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