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Yarbrough Thinking

“To tell a person what to think will not teach them how to think. We are how we think.”

This is where you should be if you are someone you know have ever lived with the hurt and pain that only a dysfunctional childhood, and emotional trauma can breed. The seed is planted and grows from a family life—no matter its makeup—that does not provide the nurturing, caring and protection to produce a healthy mind. A childhood must be a safe and loving place for a child to grow strong of mind and character.

You may ask, as many do, why you feel the way that you do. When not all is right and you think it should be, and you see no reason it should not, disordered thinking is the cause of your anguish. When how you think is disordered it takes you further away from your true Self. The mind now has a mind of its own. It is making decisions without you. There is no time or place that this should be. You are the master of your mind and must always be in charge of you.

There is but one stage of your life where your mind will take leave of you. It all stems from early childhood trauma, and a dysfunctional family life, which allows you few good thoughts to think. And how you think today has its roots in what happened to you “yesterday.” I will show you why and how this might happen. And there will be times when I will do this in a not so conventional way. It does not mean that I have strayed; it simply says that the road back to Self, will at times be without a marker.

Some of what I say could cause you to at first question how it applies to how you think. And my answer will be, all things you do require you to think. My words will challenge some of the things you have come to believe as certain truths. It will take you up, around and back again but the steps will lead back to you. Where the road leads, we will follow. You must know how you think to think better. You must always know what is on your mind. There is no wrong to be said here; for after all, it will be how you think. Who are you, do you really know. Are you, you, or are you the product of someone else invention.

Through this blog, I will address many of the issues that revolve around why we all think the way we do. We will look to see how changing the way you think will change how you feel and relate to the people, places and things in your life. And you will come to see how becoming the true person you are meant to be will give you the vision to see what really is, not what you may have thought it to be. It is my hope that you will come to a better understanding of your thoughts and your thinking process just as I have come to know the real me. I am talking about the person who I was created to be. Because for sure, you have to be you and I have to me. When you try to be someone you are not you are no one until you find yourself again. Life is made better, or worse, by how we think.

What is done here will not only better the lives of those who follow “It Is How You Think,” it will also touch those who are touched by those who do. My goal is to give you the tools that will help you change the way you think; therefore, how you feel and act. It is a new day and a new way. If you, a family member, or friend has been touched in any way by childhood trauma or otherwise mishandled by others in your life, this is the place to be.

What is here—if you listen—will take you where you did not know that you had ever been. It will help you see where you thought you were, is not where you were at all. It is about change, a change in how you think. There are no words here formed that will tell you what to think. Before help can help you, you have to help your Self. There is no therapy, counseling, or medication that will be effective until you do. When I say you, I am talking about the Self, your Self, her Self and him Self; all of the “Selves that need to find their way back.”

The Self is your core, it is your soul, it is the essence of you. It is where you go to be your Self. A place you would never leave willingly. Our power and strength comes from our Self, it is how we survive through the worst of times.. If the ways of life have forced you away, it is your choice to go back. First, though, you must have the will to do so. It is not an easy thing to do until you know how. And nothing is hard to do, you just do not know how to do it yet. Now you will know.

Enlightenment The Messenger (shopped) 1-3-16

From Self to Self is when you enter an enlighten way of thinking. If that is your destiny. It is not what is done to you. It is what you do for you that determine what your life will be. You have to change your way of thinking to get in touch with you. The best that you can ever be is to be you. You must always be true to Self. Never do a thing to take away from who you are.

What we do here will clear the clutter from your mind. It will guide you through what it takes to live a better life by the examination, and understanding, of your thoughts and how to think them. It will be made clear how disordered thinking is the root cause of negative feelings and behavior. You will see your Self as it is, not how you may have thought it to be. You will relate to and recognize a part of yourself that you have only known in passing.

What you will hear if you listen will open up a way of thinking that will allow you to become the person you were meant to be. The real you. Welcome home.

The body and the mind both have the ability to heal themselves, but the body put up the least resistance.


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