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Now is The Time

Now is The Time

The Journey Starts Here

Why You Feel The Way You Do

You may ask, what could motivate some of us to do what we do. The thing we can do to know the answer, is to know it when we see it. You are the gatekeeper of your mind. What I say now and what I will be saying is not academic. I simply look at life in a way you may never have. And I will give you answers to questions that you did not know you ever had. It is how I see the world and life as it was given. From the beginning to the end, it is all about life, and how we think.

What I have to say is not fiction it is about life and our existence, as I believe it to be. It is not about what you have been told. It is about the way that it is. What is here will help you to know that to see, you must look. You may, see you in what I have to say. When you do not, maybe it will be someone you know and love that comes to mind. Or perhaps one of those troubled souls who you see act out their hurt in all the wrong places when there seems to be no reason. Now you will know what that might be. It is a matter of knowing the real you. The person you see when all else is peeled away. Through growth and enlightenment, you can change the course of your life, if that is what you need or want to do.

This blog is about how we think, feel, act, and why. It is a guide in how to live a better life through your thoughts. It will help you to understand how we all, think. And will show that if how you think is disordered your life will be the same. How you think is the root cause of your negative feelings. The focus is on the Self: your Self, her Self, him Self and my Self―all of us.  I did not always know what I know now. I will share what I know with those who will listen. What I have written is the truth, as I know it to be.

First, you have to listen. The more you listen, the more you will understand what it is that you hear. You are sure to think, and feel what you hear if you listen. There will be truths that will cause you to change how you perceive the world around you. This is good. It will challenge the way you think. If it is not a cause to think, what cause is it? I had to think about me. And you will have to think about you.

For those times when you need to connect with what it means to say, “that’s life,” this will be a reference. It is a way to look at the true nature of what is and how it came to be. The truth tells all when it is told. It is what we have to depend on. It is about how we view the world that each of us lives in. Your world is not just what is around you. It is also what is in your mind, and the things that go on in your head. It is for all who have had thoughts about why we think how we do. Change may be a stranger. As you step closer, you may see a friend, for after all “It Is How You Think.”


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  1. Ariel
    Oct 11 2013


  2. Ann Marie
    Dec 11 2013

    Mr Yarborough, I waited all day yesterday and today for the Otis Redding Recovery Vid you said would be available 10th Dec, what happened, I can’t wait!

    • Dec 11 2013

      I am so sorry that you missed seeing the video yesterday. I blogged it at approximately 2:35 central standard time. Please go look again; it is there. The title of the video is The Day Soul Cried December 10, 1967 The Otis Redding Story. Please let me know that you found it. I do want to know. Peace

      • Ann Marie
        Dec 11 2013

        Greetings Mr Yarborough. Yes, I finally got to watch the video just now. Forgive me, I’m in London England that’s 6 hours behind you guys taking you are in Madison. Thank you so much. I, too am a supreme Otis Redding Fan. I was 8 years from being born when Master Otis died, he is so big over here in the UK, he’s STILL the talk of the town 46 years after his last show in London. My one wish would be to see him live in concert but, hey, I WILL get to see him one day, up there! Thank you, sir and God bless. AnnM

      • Dec 11 2013

        Hello Ann Marie, thanks for letting me know that all is well. One thing missing, you did not say what you think about the video. Were the images too graphic? It took many years of debating with myself if I should make them available to the public. I just felt that for true fans, it would be the right thing to do. And on that note, please let anyone who you know that would appreciate video, where they can find it.


      • Dec 11 2013

        Hello Ann Marie,
        If you are ever in the states, please visit the Otis Redding Memorial in Madison, Wisconsin. There is so much to see here. If that is not possible let nothing keep you away from

      • Ann Marie
        Dec 12 2013

        Hey James,

        Hope you’re ready for this.

        As heart wrenching as it was to watch my absolute hero being pulled out of a lake I’m sure he had never heard of, I didn’t think it was too graphic, compelling I think is more the word. (I held the crown of my head and cried like a tot when I saw his face and how swollen it looked and that his right leg appears to be broken and he lost a shoe.)

        I kind of wish the video was a bit longer or had more imagery on the recovery from the boat arriving to him and his crew being taken away Ben Cauley etc but, hey, I got to see what I wanted to see after so long, thank u once again. I am also curious as the who got placed inside the police van before Otis was taken in; still strapped to his seat. (I’m guessing the pilot or Ron Caldwell, poor chaps.)

        I had been scouring the net for years and years for a close up look on Otis’ last journey. He was so bloody close to Madison as well. I have watched your 9 plus minute memorial though Otis’s face was blocked out. Mind you, James, the BBC over here in England has some footage of Otis’s recovery (him about to be pulled from Lake Monona) but nothing like what you have. It must have been hard to post those images but I feel you did the right thing, it is rare you see an entertainer of his calibre being documented so much in death (the pic with him in Jet mag with the coroner, you would not see such a thing in today’s mags). I write and make movies myself and I thought you did a real good job piecing the video together, the build up and climax.

        The whole episode of Otis’ death is sad from start to finish, of course we all have to die but at 26 when you are about to go global, though he did go global and will always BE global…in my books, anyway.
        I have done extensive research on the music genius, have read every article ever made/written on him, read all of his bio’s, (Scott Freeman is a twit and so is James Brown) seen every live performance youtube and other sources have on him but YOUR video brought it home.

        I read a few articles that he and his crew were hungry when they boarded OR’s private plane that day (as a mother/nurturer, this bother’s me to no end!) on top of that, Otis felt disheartened that his most famous song (Dock of the Bay) was not kindly received by the people closest to him. If only he knew but I’m sure does know. I love Otis, full stop and I know you do.

        I plan to hit Madison before his 50th anniversary. Trust me I will check out his memorial museum I will also come and check you out and buy you a cup of tea, you know us Brits. You are a beautiful brother, James and I hope one day to shake your hand.

        Have a blessed day. Please stay in touch.

        Ann M
        London England.

  3. John
    Jan 12 2014

    I think it is a disgrace and a total disrespect for such a legend.
    We admire Otis Redding for his music and many fans have found also the biography of his life very interesting.
    We the fans cannot get enough Otis Redding …
    But …. Think … And think again about what you presenting the world! ! !
    If you feel this short snapshot film contribute the idol your wrong. after a interesting long 26 year life, you show us that this is apparently really all what you find interesting and the rest apparently you do not .
    The worst thing is that his footage, will be which is what will be remembered the most.
    (so much for Keeping the legacy alive).
    I can only assume that you yourself are hoping to gain more fame or will benefit from it but,..(
    Sadly enough, the only thing people will remember is not this that what you, have put out in the open but, the only will remember the damaged face, and falling leg footage of Otis. WELL THANKS FOR THAT!!
    This is THE damage one Can give to his idol. For what do you want to remember him? For his legacy, his music, his career or his death and the horrible painful image’s from those period.
    This of what your presenting and throwing out in to the world is nothing where this man Otis Redding stood for.
    His Soul.
    His feelings, and his God-given talented golden voice.
    His magnificent feeling for the rhythm and music, which he shared with us during and his five long career years.
    (I’m talking about the time period when he was still alive, and even now in the (after life) until this day on, – and forward)
    While it got nothing to do with that which this man stood for.
    There for we should keep on celebrating his life and honoring his music.
    What you now have spread out on the internet throughout your site and trough YouTube, Will be the stain smudge for whoever wishes to find any kind of information about Otis Redding.
    The main reason for this is that soon you will not be able to find anything anymore about Otis Redding’s life without these images and footage-film’s that you now have been throwing on the internet.
    And I’m here to remind you that this will be possible because of your participation.

    Honest if you’re really the president of the Otis Redding foundation group, You sir should be a shame for this disgrace Dis-Respectful manner of showing the lifeless corpse of someone you claim to be your idol.
    Mr. James Yarbrough I think you should step back and withdraw as being the president and member of the Otis Redding foundation group. If you really are indeed the President, you should retire.
    Because I think it’s really a shame and disgrace for his family.
    And for Otis himself. Was this something you thought doing supposedly on their approval? what were you thinking?
    I even found a video clip with house music on it in the background. []
    Nicely done. Are you trying to reach this for a new generation kids?
    With death bodies? Who are you mean target group you are trying to reach with this footage?
    By seeing this I really got the feeling that the so called, .. Yar Yar creative production.
    is a misleading name. For there can be really be nothing creative into showing misplaced images .
    It’s just downright sick.
    And then there writing Otis we love you . How sick is that?
    It’s not possible that you would really would have done this if you really had RESPECT you’re your idol, or for anyone you say you admire, appreciate, or adore.
    Have you at least asked the family Redding for spreading and distributing these images with their permission ?
    Could you then inform the world Who of the family Redding found that it was infect okay that you showed the deformed face of Mr. Redding to the outside world to see.
    Because this might not concern you but those pictures and that video of Otis is in fact
    - their husband.
    - their father or grandfather’s mangled lifeless body now constantly on the internet on display.
    Maybe you were unaware or forgot, but I can still remember when the family agreed to making a new DVD release of Otis Redding.
    ( When the family finally agreed to make the DVD Dreams To Remember – the Legacy Of Otis Redding ) they asked only specific for nice footage and not a thing what would remind themselves or others about this terrible death tragedy .
    And as you are aware because you citied on your site: – For a Long time it was very difficult to find these images.
    Apparently you think you do the real fans a big favor and therefore everyone else incl.
    And I think the quotes from Mrs. Zelma Redding: Keeping the legacy alive, be sure it meant that Otis R. Redding’s Life was meant by that and not a misplaced footage of his accident.
    I do have some questions involving Otis Death.
    Has the death of Otis and his lifeless body become an obsession for you?
    What is the added worth value of Otis death got to do with your site: Its how you think.
    What would you have done, if someone from your own family should have had a tragic accident?
    And if so, would you not wish to share those with us her on the internet?
    I see from your photo that I’m writing to an adult. Therefore you most likely have also lost some of your closest friends or even worst family members during the years. How Would you find yourself in that position if you would notice that every time you look on the internet you would find every time some of those images that everyone could share.
    Well think again about what you’ve done and go deeply ashamed of yourself.
    Otis It was a Splendor Life, a wonderful artist. And a great individual.
    And the only thing you now have added to the world is a footage in which we can see is the forward dropping of a dead leg and the removing of a dead body from a board to the shore.
    Oh year I almost forgot to nominate a beautiful face that because of him being diseased had been swollen and damaged for the rest of the world to see. What a contribution you have given this world.

    Picture the life of Otis Redding
    A young great man that lived his life to the fullest of 26 years . Wow …
    And how he was able to launch a career that was basically just starting to spin in great highness.
    Just a young man.
    That is way by far more interesting than those short briefly moments in which they died and got buried.

    Really it ‘s an weird world.
    You’re focusing your self’s on the wrong parts of life.
    I think there is no shorter way to explain this then my follow given example.
    I remember that some people on the television who called themselves scientists, were claiming that if we could see the human existing time-line for compare mother earth with a ticking clockwork , the human evolution only started approximately seven minutes before the clock turned to 12 o’clock starts only .
    Before that humanity yet.
    The point I would make to this is the following :
    Whether you believe in God or in the evolution of Darwin …
    Do some more research about his life, then adding us with those few metaphoric moments after they went into eternity.
    In the afterlife, everything that has been done is beyond the body so the importance of showing that is soooo pointless therefore double futile.
    Now I suppose you can tell me that if I don’t want to see it, I don’t have to have a look at it, by going at your site, however it is because of people like you, that everyone will find on the rest of the internet like Youtube etc. Seniors, teens , children etc etc. will be confronted with this because you made it public on the web. So Take it off . Remove it from your site and hope you have not yet caused to the loyal fans , interested and family , too much damage acquaintances etc.
    ( Could you maybe even a trial case may occur )

    • Jan 12 2014

      Thank you for your comments, every single word was taken to heart. Yes, I do love Otis, his music and the man that he was. I can understand why you feel the way you do. There is not much need in me trying to justify the posting of this video. I do not think that it needs a justification; though, it is painful to watch. As most of us know, Otis’ plane crashed into Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin. He, along with members of his band and the pilot were killed. We also know that their bodies were recovered from the lake and a recording was made of this. It was no secret and no one attempted to keep it hidden. This was not the first time that this footage of the recovery has been publicized. And it was not I who did it.

      All of the reasons why you say that the footage of the recovery should have been hidden away from the public is the very reason that it should have been shown. A true fan would know this. I love Otis both in the life that he lived and his death. It matters not to me how he died and the circumstance. I am not fickle. I am not so fragile that seeing images of his body in death will cause me to change how I feel about Otis. His death was tragic, but it was real. We will all take that trip one day and the manner in which we do, not one of us can know.

      For anyone who is hurt by the images of the recovery of Otis’ body, I say to you, I understand. It took over twenty years for me to overcome the debate I was having with myself to post them. I just felt it was the right thing to do. You say I should take it down, is this what we do when there is a challenge to our sensibilities. I think not. You had a great deal to say, and my hope is that by saying what you have that it helped in some way. And yes, I am who I say I am and I have done what I say I have. And will continue to do what I do. There is another comment from an Otis fan regarding the video that has caused you so much concern. The commenter and fan thank me for posting the video. She could not wait. Please find the comment on my blog. You may want to ask her why.

      Again, I want to thank you for your comment and may God bless and keep you.


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